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every property is unique as are the owner’s expectations and lifestyle while in residence. with that in mind, cottage concierge service can customize your service plan from

full-service, resort-style living to minimal oversight depending on your needs.


conciertge services

cottage services


small group or large group? let us coordinate a full service caterer or a food drop off for you and your guests.

Bag of Groceries
grocery shopping

who wants to spend time cleaning and doing laundry when on vacation? we can base cleaning and laundry services on your schedule and provide service on a daily, weekly, monthly or as-needed basis.

guest amenity baskets

when you live where others vacation your guest bedrooms can stay full year round. let us handpick items for your arriving guests that will make them feel welcome and compliment their stay.

Watering House Plants
fresh flowers  house plants

fresh flowers and beautiful plants are always welcoming. we can facilitate fresh flowers for your arrival and maintain your house plants while you are away. 

Tidy Closet
closet / garage organization

with the changing seasons come changing needs. we provide common seasonal services such as basic lawn care and snow removal, but we also can help with firewood delivery, boat and dock rentals, car repair and detailing, or just about any other need that may arrive.

coordinate utility installation

are your guests traveling for a special occasion like a ? we can help create a personalized welcome package that may include a professional photographer, fresh flowers, a unique gift basket, or balloons and special decorations. we will even shop for a gift. let’s get creative!

Appliance Repairs
coordinate maintenance & repairs

what do you do when something breaks, needs to be repaired or replaced? call cottage concierge service. we have direct connections to wide array of skilled tradespeople that can address any maintenance or repair situation.

White Van
airport shuttle

northwest michigan is fantastic destination, however, the rural nature of the area can sometimes create a challenge for transportation to and from the airport. our cottage concierge service is happy to provide airport transportation to or from airports in manistee, traverse city, pellston or grand rapids.

holiday decorating

holidays are a time for family, friends & creating memories that last a lifetime. let CCS add holiday and festive cheer to your home so you don't have to.

Home Security System
home security inspections

Let us give you piece of mind while you are away. CCS can perform security checks on your home and property that fit your needs on a daily, weekly, monthly or as needed basis.

Image by 2H Media
coordinate bids & performance oversight

cottage concierge service employs knowledgable people who can coordinate bids and oversee trades work while you are away. 

Window Cleaning

who wants to speed time cleaning and doing laundry when on vacation? we can base cleaning and laundry services on your schedule and provide service on a daily, weekly, monthly or as-needed basis.

Window Cleaner
window washing interior/exterior

if you need the interior or exterior windows in you home washed. CCS can help facilitate clean windows.

Painting Together
paint & plumbing contractors

cottage concierge service can help coordinate contractors for fresh paint or additional plumbing.

Air Conditioner
heat & air conditioning service

heat and air conditioning is essential to keep you comfortable. if you have a need we can help.

interior plant management

cottage concierge service can manage the upkeep on your indoor plants year round.

Lawn Mower Selection Support
landscape maintenance & installation

landscaping is an important part of welcoming you and guest to your home. if your home needs attention CCS came help facilitate all of your landscape maintenance and installation needs.

Wild Flowers
flower garden maintenance

love your flower gardens but don't have the time to spend with them. cottage concierge service can maintain your gardens so they look beautifule year round.

handyman service

we are here to help. if you need a handyman, we can connect you with our trusted network of providers. 

Backyard Washing
exterior power washing

Power washing is a big job.if you need  help finding a service let us help.

Pest Control
pest control interior/exterior

here is the north pest can get the best of us. cottage concierge service can connect you with a pest control service for your needs.

Image by Milivoj Kuhar
restoration & renovation

our knowledgable employees can help facilitate your restoration or renovation projects on the horizon. let us help.

grocery shopping
guest baskts
holida decor
home security
bds performance
plant management
outdoor flowers
power wasing
pest control
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